Turns Out I Like Honeydew

I know no one's exactly clamoring for this revelation. Just thought it was interesting. I'm eating healthy again, trying to lose the extra pounds that what my doctor calls the "static affect" of Lexapro helped me to put on (and then some), so when we went out to breakfast yesterday, I got the fruit with my scrambled eggs, and it was glorious. The Junction's been phoning it in lately, so we went to this place called Egg Haven and when I asked for the fruit instead of the hash browns, I expected a little bowl chunks. Instead I got big slices of cantaloupe, honeydew and pineapple. I wasn't a fan of honeydew, but I thought I'd give it another shot. And now I understand what the Junction's been getting wrong in its fruit preparation; this tasted fresh and flavorful. It was fucking delicious. I felt like I was tasting it for the first time the way it was supposed to taste.

So, just found it interesting. What can I say; like most people who write on the internet, I'm fascinated with myself. I always thought it was weird that there was a fruit I didn't like.

Except kiwi. I hate kiwi.