Summer Fashion Trends 2012

Summer cannot come soon enough, especially for designers unleashing bold prints and plenty of color to brighten our days along with the sunshine.  The coming season brings flare and drama, encouraging fearlessness in more than one trend. If your closet ebbs and flows with the trends and you desire a say in what everyone is wearing, study fashion design and have a hand in every season's list of top styles.  For now, we see what designers have envisioned us in during the coming season.

Be Bold

Let’s start with what is cheering us up this year.  Apple red, turquoise, and lime are just a few of the colors splashing the runways and making us smile.  Above all, you cannot go wrong by stepping out in yellow.  Be it soft, bright, banana, or lemon curd, dash your look with yellow and you will be sure to shine.  And gone are the dark days of silver and grey—turn to gold to warm up your wardrobe and glamorize your ensemble.

Take those colors and lift your mood more when daring to print.  Be bold in paisley with a sprinkle of hot pink or a dip into jewel tones according to Stella McCartney and JW Anderson.  Paisley, of course, goes perfectly with more paisley.  Mismatched swirls of pattern are on the flowing skirts of Emilio Pucci.  Other patterns showing this season include grids and checkers striking a geometric chord at the hands of Christian Dior and Marios Schwab.

Flora and Fauna

When finding the right prints, be on the lookout for a bouquet of flowers or leopard vying for your attention.  Floral patterns are blooming everywhere and in every color, unafraid to blanket your wardrobe.  Animal prints are also craving warmer weather, from spotted gowns to cocktail dresses helping you roar into the evening.  Casual khaki paired with classic white or daring techno touches complete the safari ensemble. The African influence continues to be pervasive as raffia, tribal art, and intricate beading combine with other traditional allusions on the runway. 

Lighter Fare

If you prefer, dial down the daring and instead lighten up with pastels and lace this season.  Louis Vuitton and Chanel softened the runway with pieces bathed in sherbet purples, blues, and pinks to usher in the summer breeze.  When it comes to lace, Valentino and Miu Miu keep you cool and fashionable.   Head-to-toe lace in every color creates a complete outfit worthy of Valentino’s vision for this summer’s style.

Opt for colorless in classic white according to Diane Von Furstenberg and Stella McCartney.  Crisp lines and clean, fresh cotton prepare you perfectly for your sunny brunch whereas Louis Vuitton and Dolce&Gabbanna prefer lace and sheer silks before Labor Day. 

Current Events

Current cultural happenings are also making their mark on style these days.  As The Great Gatsby is set to release this year, the roaring 20’s are showing up in 2012 by way of flapper dresses, drop waists by Versus and tasseled trims by Gucci.  Daisy Buchanan would be proud of Marchesa’s lavish beading and Ralph Lauren’s generosity with ostrich feathers that adorn this glamorous silhouette. 

However, lest we not forget about Fifties Americana led by Prada and Marc Jacobs.  Stars, and stripes, patchwork and leather summon the cowgirl in all of us while prim plaids and preppy pastels paired with cat’s eye sunglasses evoke “retro Americana.”  Back in the present, the 2012 London Olympics has inspired Victoria Bekham, DKNY, and Marc Jacobs to dress the athlete in all of us.  Sporty is stylish in performance fabrics and feminine lines of orange, royal blue, and bright green. 

Taking a look around the fashion blogging world, we find new statements preparing us for warmer weather and fun in the sun. No matter the era, there is plenty to be excited about when preparing your closet for the coming summer.  Look forward to days full of life and light as the clouds part for the trends to dazzle.

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