Size Matters Not

I just finished reading Warwick Davis's cheery, charming autobiography. It's a fast read, very conversational. It's not a book of deep insights and dishing, but it's a lot like sitting down with the man himself and him telling you some nice anecdotes about making movies and how he got into the business (nearly by accident, without him even really realizing), and about some of the challenges of being a little person and being a father. When he was born, the doctors told his parents he wouldn't live through childhood; now Davis is grateful for everything he has and never takes his success or his relationships for granted. You can see a lot of the real life events (such as the giant tax bill) that inspired his series Life's Too Short, a series where he is completely satirizing himself--he just comes across as way too nice a guy to be that self-enamored. And he's also a big geek, which is always fun. I laughed a lot reading it, and it has its share of tears (most especially around the troubled births of his first two children, who sadly did not live).

Even with the sadness, I found it utterly delightful.