This World Is Just a Cloud of Assholes

If you are one of those people who seriously thinks that casting Amandla Stenberg, an African-American girl, as Rue in The Hunger Games "ruined" the movie, made her death less "sad," or made her character seem "less innocent," then you are a racist. You just are. You are an absolute racist, because your comments imply that you find black people untrustworthy, that you can't feel empathy for someone another race than your own, and that you can't deal with the cognitive dissonance you get when your default Caucasian setting is disrupted in some way.

Seriously, you're a racist. And I don't appreciate seeing your bigotry in the world of fandom. How the character's race plays even the smallest role in the story, I don't see. How you can't deal with it, I understand even less.

Oh, and to you racists prefacing your racist tweets with "Not to be a racist, but..." or "I'm not a racist, but..." or anything similar to that: yes. Yes you are. You're the biggest ones.

Fuck you and your racism.