Song of the Week: "A Little Bit Me, a Little Bit You"

Because it had to be a Monkees song this week. Neil Diamond wrote this song, a 1967 non-album single released between their second and third albums, More of the Monkees (which the boys hated) and Headquarters (which they contributed much more to). This single was something of a point of contention between the Monkees and Don Kirshner, head of the Brill Building writers who wrote for the show, and also the music supervisor for the TV series. It led to Kirshner's firing for putting out an unauthorized record in Canada, though the Monkees put the record out in the US since the title had been announced. I always dug this song. It was one of three Davy vocal leads on the first cassette I purchased, Then & Now... The Best of the Monkees. I figured since everyone was putting up "Daydream Believer," I'd post this instead. RIP, Davy.