Savings Saturday – Dorian Oxford Kitten Heel Sandals

Savings Saturday - Neon Heels

Right now I love Ann Taylor’s shoes for spring.  I first saw the Cheri Peeptoe Platform Pumps on Lia from Smart N Snazzy. When I started looking at the shoe collection, I found the Dorian Oxford Kitten Heel Sandals.  I thoughtthey would be perfect for spring!  TheDorian Oxford Kitten Heels are $178 and although I love them I wanted to find apair for less.  That is when Ifound Aldo Bracker Heels for $90 or Shiny Strappy Sandal from Zara for$50.  Although not exactly alike, Ilove the heels for less.  These shoesare perfect to add a little color to your look.