Robert B. Sherman 1925-2012

The Sherman Brothers helped Walt Disney Pictures stave off their creative nadir. That's my opinion, anyway. Things did get bleak, but even during the years when things were getting bad, the Sherman Brothers were either helping shape classics like Mary Poppins or writing great songs for less great movies. The nadir did come, of course, but the Sherman Brothers were among the genuine highlights of the troubled late 60s and (very) early 70s period. And they also wrote the songs and score for Snoopy Come Home, which is my favorite Charlie Brown feature.

What I'm saying is, Robert B. Sherman, together with his brother Richard M. Sherman, have brought me a lot of happiness in my life, and it's happiness that continues to resonate with me. I also recommend the recent documentary The Boys: The Sherman Brothers' Story for a real look at their lives and careers.

Sad to see another great music maker leave us.