A Princess of Mars

I just got back from seeing John Carter (in 3-D) and I absolutely loved this movie. It was abundantly charming and pure adventure, and I enjoyed it more than I remotely thought I would. I can't recommend this one highly enough. If you're of the right mindset for a fun, uncynical adventure-romance, this is one of the best. I'm not even going to pull out the "Sure, it won't win any awards, but it's so enjoyable" half-apology I'm seeing everywhere. Don't be embarrassed to like this. It's wonderful.

I'll save a real review (ha ha, as though my reviews were "real") for the next Film Week, but I do want to say that whomever had this wonder to work with and could only come up with the generic title and impossibly lame marketing campaign needs to be fired from his or her job in marketing because they aren't doing it. Because of you I'll never get to see a sequel, so thanks for nothing.