My Favorite Fanart for March 2012

Mandalorian Pin-Up by Dominic-Marco

Lego Tank Girl by Mahjqa

Rejected Mario Outfits by Chris Gerringer

Gonzo by NC Winters

Pac-Man Ghosts by Jason Chalker

Ace the Batpug by Lar de Souza

Defective by Glenn Jones

Throne of Screams by Brinkerhoff

Jumping Brain Frogger by Jason Chalker

Power Pellet Power Up by Beware1984 & Mekazoo

The Incredible Frog by Brave Anderson

Fossil Fuel Pac-Man by Krieg Dorsey

Meat Loaf by Kagan McLeod
(This is actually a professional piece accompanying a National Post article, I just really dug it.)

Bat-Squirrel by Dave Bardin

Jason's Nirvana by Kal5000

North by Northwest by Joey Spiotto

Droid Quest by Jason Chalker

Friendly Rider by Steven Anderson

Wonder Woman by Des Taylor

Medusa in a Sweater by Hanie Mohd

PokeToro by Spekle

Eat It by Alex Pardee