My Favorite Fanart for February 2012

From the series SuperHero by Alex Tuis
(check out all of them; Rutger Hauer as Thor is definitely my second fave)

Big Barda by Phil Noto

Rose by Shenhaiyouyu

Anatomy of the Hulk by Walter O'Neal

Bonus Revenge by Vintz

Freak by Noah Wyler

Earthworm Jim by Noah Wyler

Three Bruce Lees by Becca Whitaker

R2 Series Print by Jason Chalker

Wonderbomb by Telegrafixs

Archer Predator by Highdarktemplar

Avengers Character Posters (check the whole fantastic series) by Venom420

Untitled Print by Ulises Farinas
(go to the page; it gets bigger, but man, I wish it got a LOT bigger)

Darth Maul by Dean at Springfield Punx

Darth Maul by Offtoseethewizard

Death Star Power by Jeremy Henrickson

Avengers Assembled by Dean Trippe

New Van Halen by Phil Noto

Doctor Teeth by James Hance

The Rocketeer by Natalie Hall

Kitty and Lockheed by Phil Noto