Glen Keane Resigns from Disney

I was very surprised to hear tonight that Glen Keane, one of the great creative forces at Disney for the last 30-odd years (except for a brief freelance period in the 80s), resigned today. I'm very curious to see what he does next. I think Disney needs Keane a lot more than Keane needs Disney, and after some of the things I've heard he went through on Tangled, he must be pretty tired. I sincerely hope it isn't a health issue; I know he's had some health problems in the past, and I desperately don't want this to be a Steve Jobs type of situation where he resigns and then passes away.

Cartoon Brew has the text of Keane's resignation letter, which is typically optimistic and classy. If there's any animosity in the situation between him and the execs, he's not even hinting at it. He's always been something of a hero of mine; back when I was a kid, I wanted to be either a Muppeteer, an ILM artist, or a Disney animator. Keane and Andreas Deja were two of the people whose work I've been fascinated with ever since.

Good luck, Glen. I look forward to seeing what your next move is.