Fuck You, Jim Lee

Seriously. Fuck you.

I know your term at DC has been characterized by a mad, scrambling need to suck all of the humor and joy out of the DC Universe. But seriously? An emo Captain Marvel? A dark, edgy Captain Marvel? Overdesigned, which is the Jim Lee MO (come on, he's got three buckles on his boot, look how much characterization he must have!). A hood, like he's in a fucking Assassin's Creed cosplay. What a piece of shit. I'd rather they'd just left Billy Batson out of the DCnU entirely than have an emo Captain Marvel, snarling in rage and overdrawn in that way that all artists insecure about their talent always overdraw.

Image Comics sucked back then, and transferring it all to DC Comics 20 years later has done nothing for it.