Adele "Rumour Has It" live and links

   Julia Roberts has a girl crush on Adele. Why are they making a big deal out of this? It's an innocent crush filled with admiration for Adele. Everyone makes it sound unseemly that she expresses her admiration for Adele in that way. The woman can sing! Emotionally she reaches people. Great voice.

   If I win the Mega Millions today, I'm getting some punk jewelry. Dana Lorenz, I'll be in your New York store soon. Wait for me.

   I win the lottery, I'll be in London so fast!  Just for the facial. Then also because that's what female lottery winners do. The males go to strip clubs and us females go to other places most males would never be caught dead in.

   If you want your kids to eat healthy, this is a blog to go to. Jannise Scott has a very creative head on her shoulders and many of the recipes here are superb. You need to party plan for the kiddies, check it out.

   Naya Rivera has a girl crush on Coco you can read about here. I like how Naya describes Coco without going into how big her butt is. She does mention "curvy". I'll say!

Curvy and daring!