Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! When I was little, I loved Valentine’s Day because of the candy andbecause I could mix pink and red. So when I saw that this month’s Everybody Everywear Challenge was Pinkand Red.  I knew I mustparticipate.  I have worn red andpink a few times and this is my favorite look.  But I wanted to wear something different this time around.

Pink Skirt – Calvin Klein– Similar
Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Loft – Similar
Red Bead Necklace –Forever 21 – Similar
Red Tights – Target - Similar 
Black Booties – Me Too - Similar
Red Clutch – Macy’s –Similar

I am not sure I like this outfit, but I wanted to try something different and I definitely did that.

Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear