What I Have Been Up To

      I have been falling behind on my blog lately, not that anyone has missed me. ;) But this is what I have been up to without going into the personal life. I will keep this on the subject of entertainment and what I have done with my leisure time. When I have leisure time! Life goes on. Here goes...

    On television, Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo/Lola) killed. Killed! Her performance on the "American Music Awards" was a sight to behold. I have seen many performances of hers but this one has to be the best. From how attractive she looked and in shape to those amazing backup dancers of hers. Was her supposed new dancer boyfriend Casper a part of them? Doesn't matter anyhow. One small quibble with her set was the Fiat. I felt that was a way to get paid and promote it on stage. Other than that, she was flawless. As a matter of fact, all the sets and performances were average to above average with the exception of One Republic. The lead singer was nervous or tired. Pitchy, dawg!

   Other shows I've been watching have been "Quien Tiene La Razon" on Telefutura, " "Casos de Familia" on Univision, "Law & Order:SVU" which I keep mispronouncing as "Law & Order:SUV". "American Horror Story" which I refuse to watch with the lights off. Oh, and "Modern Family", and "2 Broke Girls"- the top two comedies on television.

   I have been reading some John Sandford  which was recommended to me because I'm a fan of James Patterson's Alex Cross novels. Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez's "The Dirty Girls Social Club" which is awesomeeeee!! I really do have to move on to a short novel sent to me by author Allison Cassatta which seems quite promising. I haven't started it but it's my next book to read, review forthcoming. Promise, Allison! :)

   The only movie I have watched recently is "Crazy,Stupid,Love" with THE HOTT Ryan Gosling. I won't go into details here as I already did in a recent blog post. I watched a TV movie based on a John Sandford novel named "Certain Prey" and the lead was played by Mark Harmon and I liked it enough. Just enough.

    Drop me a line and tell me what you've been up to.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!