Things I Am Thankful For

  1.    My boyfriend David who loves me through our ups and downs and is always there for me when I need him.
  2.    My family which can drive me crazy but also love me and they know I love them, even when I am the one driving Them crazy.
  3.    My blog followers and readers and the ones on Google+ and on Twitter that entertain me on boring or rainy days.
  4.    The home I live in which shelters me. I never forget that there are people less fortunate than me.
  5.    Music that has the power to change my moods with one single song at times.
  6.    Books that also entertain me and enlighten me and when I finish one make me feel like I accomplished something.
  7.    Custard that my taste buds love, my heart delights in, although my body does not need that.
  8.    My neighbors who have been there when I needed them, either for conversation or  for favors that helped me on more than more than one occasion.
  9.    Shoes which I shop for and collect with disregard for the closet space I can afford. But at least I can buy them.
  10.    I would have added Netflix but they have pissed me off with their unwelcome changes.