Ryan Gosling OWNS "Crazy, Stupid, Love"

You know when you watch a movie and witness a performance so good that you say so-and-so is a star? That's how I felt after watching Ryan Gosling in "Crazy, Stupid, Love".
The entire movie is excellent with a good amount of belly laughs in between the giggles and some touching parts.
The plot of this movie you should already know, as this movie was released months ago. But my boyfriend and I went to watch it at a budget theatre. Considering it's a so-called romantic comedy, I had to cajole him into going. Had to go through the "this movie is not the Kate Hudson/Matthew McConaughy type vehicle" and "it has Steve Carell who you really like" and then topped it off with "and I will buy you Heinekins before the games on Sunday!"
We go into a budget theatre with perhaps 40 other patrons to watch the movie. A couple of hours later when the credits came up, people actually applauded in the theatre! Applauded! Mostly us females but my guy laughed throughout and I knew he enjoyed it because he kept talking about it during the ride home. Love it!
I also came out of that theatre thinking a few things---

That Steve Carell can act out of his comedic comfort zone when he wants to.
That Julianne Moore never takes a movie off. Always gives herself up completely into her roles.
That Emma Stone is no fluke. She has comedy chops and charisma to spare.
That the writing in a few Hollywood movies can be excellent and surprise me once in a while.
That Ryan Gosling is a star! I will watch any movie he does from here on out even if I hear it's crap. I will go back and watch whatever I have missed him in, whether on Netflix or some other way. Don't tell my boyfriend but I fell in love with Ryan! Well, maybe the word is infatuated!