GLEE - I'm a Slave 4 U [Britney Spears Cover] by Heather Morris

   Heather Morris is one of the top things on "Glee". But this is the highlight of all she has done. Almost better than Britney herself?

Things I Am Thankful For

  1.    My boyfriend David who loves me through our ups and downs and is always there for me when I need him.
  2.    My family which can drive me crazy but also love me and they know I love them, even when I am the one driving Them crazy.
  3.    My blog followers and readers and the ones on Google+ and on Twitter that entertain me on boring or rainy days.
  4.    The home I live in which shelters me. I never forget that there are people less fortunate than me.
  5.    Music that has the power to change my moods with one single song at times.
  6.    Books that also entertain me and enlighten me and when I finish one make me feel like I accomplished something.
  7.    Custard that my taste buds love, my heart delights in, although my body does not need that.
  8.    My neighbors who have been there when I needed them, either for conversation or  for favors that helped me on more than more than one occasion.
  9.    Shoes which I shop for and collect with disregard for the closet space I can afford. But at least I can buy them.
  10.    I would have added Netflix but they have pissed me off with their unwelcome changes.     

What I Have Been Up To

      I have been falling behind on my blog lately, not that anyone has missed me. ;) But this is what I have been up to without going into the personal life. I will keep this on the subject of entertainment and what I have done with my leisure time. When I have leisure time! Life goes on. Here goes...

    On television, Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo/Lola) killed. Killed! Her performance on the "American Music Awards" was a sight to behold. I have seen many performances of hers but this one has to be the best. From how attractive she looked and in shape to those amazing backup dancers of hers. Was her supposed new dancer boyfriend Casper a part of them? Doesn't matter anyhow. One small quibble with her set was the Fiat. I felt that was a way to get paid and promote it on stage. Other than that, she was flawless. As a matter of fact, all the sets and performances were average to above average with the exception of One Republic. The lead singer was nervous or tired. Pitchy, dawg!

   Other shows I've been watching have been "Quien Tiene La Razon" on Telefutura, " "Casos de Familia" on Univision, "Law & Order:SVU" which I keep mispronouncing as "Law & Order:SUV". "American Horror Story" which I refuse to watch with the lights off. Oh, and "Modern Family", and "2 Broke Girls"- the top two comedies on television.

   I have been reading some John Sandford  which was recommended to me because I'm a fan of James Patterson's Alex Cross novels. Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez's "The Dirty Girls Social Club" which is awesomeeeee!! I really do have to move on to a short novel sent to me by author Allison Cassatta which seems quite promising. I haven't started it but it's my next book to read, review forthcoming. Promise, Allison! :)

   The only movie I have watched recently is "Crazy,Stupid,Love" with THE HOTT Ryan Gosling. I won't go into details here as I already did in a recent blog post. I watched a TV movie based on a John Sandford novel named "Certain Prey" and the lead was played by Mark Harmon and I liked it enough. Just enough.

    Drop me a line and tell me what you've been up to.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!



Girl Crush of The Week: Katy Perry

The best celebrity smile. Is there a better one? I don't think so.

Again that million dollar smile. Of course she's "happy"! :)

Impeccably dressed with nice style and the body to WERK!

See above. 

I Want These Louboutins, Santa

Santa, I DO so want a pair of these beautiful booties for Christmas! PLEASE??!!

Waaaaaaahhhh! You're mean, Santa!

Jennifer Aniston Crushing on Chelsea Handler

"“I rarely comment on my personal life but I am here to tell you that I’m madly in love. And I’m madly in love with the one and only Chelsea Handler,” Aniston said.

Maybe she said this as a thank you for Chelsea having bad mouthed Angelina Jolie awhile back.

Some Love for Rihanna

This has to be the prettiest/sexiest picture I have seen of Rihanna. I have such a crush on her that it isn't funny. I think she also has to be the busiest woman in the music industry right now. How many singles has she released and made in the last couple of years??

Ryan Gosling OWNS "Crazy, Stupid, Love"

You know when you watch a movie and witness a performance so good that you say so-and-so is a star? That's how I felt after watching Ryan Gosling in "Crazy, Stupid, Love".
The entire movie is excellent with a good amount of belly laughs in between the giggles and some touching parts.
The plot of this movie you should already know, as this movie was released months ago. But my boyfriend and I went to watch it at a budget theatre. Considering it's a so-called romantic comedy, I had to cajole him into going. Had to go through the "this movie is not the Kate Hudson/Matthew McConaughy type vehicle" and "it has Steve Carell who you really like" and then topped it off with "and I will buy you Heinekins before the games on Sunday!"
We go into a budget theatre with perhaps 40 other patrons to watch the movie. A couple of hours later when the credits came up, people actually applauded in the theatre! Applauded! Mostly us females but my guy laughed throughout and I knew he enjoyed it because he kept talking about it during the ride home. Love it!
I also came out of that theatre thinking a few things---

That Steve Carell can act out of his comedic comfort zone when he wants to.
That Julianne Moore never takes a movie off. Always gives herself up completely into her roles.
That Emma Stone is no fluke. She has comedy chops and charisma to spare.
That the writing in a few Hollywood movies can be excellent and surprise me once in a while.
That Ryan Gosling is a star! I will watch any movie he does from here on out even if I hear it's crap. I will go back and watch whatever I have missed him in, whether on Netflix or some other way. Don't tell my boyfriend but I fell in love with Ryan! Well, maybe the word is infatuated!

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo starring Rooney Mara

This is Rooney Mara before she auditioned for the part of Lisbeth Salander of the Stieg Larrson best selling books.
Here she is again. Normal and pretty, almost bland and vanilla.

This I think is from a movie she did called "Dare" and she has also done the latest "Nightmare on Elm Street".

This is Rooney Mara now, no longer vanilla and bland and making a statement with the look of the Lisbeth Salander character.

Yes! This adds to how I imagined the character in my head without looking at the version played by Noomi Rapace.

This works for me. My imagination, NOT on my own head!

The red band unrated trailer for the David Fincher movie down below. And as a bonus one of my favorite pieces of cheesecake Daniel Craig stars in this movie too! Sweet! Can't wait!