Love me some Herve Leger dresses

I just love this Herve Leger dress. It's a lovely bandage dress that is not pricey, especially not for what those Herve Leger dresses cost on the high end. Mix in some Louboutin booties and I'm all golden. Here are some more Herve Leger dresses worn by celebrities. Of course, they can afford the fabulous couture!



Who is the Better Actress poll results

Kate Winslet
8 (72%)

Meryl Streep
2 (18%)

Anne Hathaway
1 (9%)

Penelope Cruz
1 (9%)

Marisa Tomei
0 (0%)
Hilary Swank
2 (18%)

Gwyneth Paltrow
2 (18%)

Kate Winslet is this weeks' Girl Crush

I have a confession to make---I have a girl crush on Kate Winslet.
Don't you dare tell me that she is not as talented as Meryl Streep!
I admit I haven't been 100% devoted to her career. I haven't watched "The Reader", "Revolutionary Road" nor "Mildred Pierce"-yet. But those are movies I have to watch when I am in a sad-movie watching mood.
I have loved her acting since "Heavenly Creatures" and thoroughly enjoyed "Sense & Sensibility", "Titanic" and my two favorite performances of hers' in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and "Little Children". I need to watch her latest movie "Contagion" also but I do not want her dying in it!
She can act her ass off and in fact in a few of her movies has shown it. I love the fact that she can be naked in a movie physically and emotionally and it's all part of the deal that makes her such an awesome actress.
What about her perfect American accent? She pulls it off fabulously.  

Emma Stone and Lindsay Lohan look like Sisters