Zooey Deschanel is The New Girl and The Fab Girl

   Zooey Deschanel is really likeable. It's not as if i have met her in person (I could only wish) but she seems very girl next door. A good friend to many with a fabulous sense of style. She seems to be funny and can even be a bit raunchy and that coming from her is more of a surprise. I mean, she looks so sweet, so winsome, even dorky but from her slightly husky voice that doesn't match with her look is someone who I dare say should become a star. Her sister Emily is already a star for her show "Bones" which has run for over six years.
   "The New Girl" should make her a household name. And that would make me happy.
   Here is the first episode of the show

   And here is her blog that contains all types o good articles