Girl Crush of the Week: Kat Dennings

The new television season has begun and I have found the newest star of the bunch. It only took the pilot episode of "2 Broke Girls" to hook me. Kat Dennings was funny, alternately sarcastic and witty and her voice is one I look forward to listening to for half hour a week from here on. 

Do not allow appearances to fool you. Here with her top heavy self busting out a little (a "little" she says!) she may not look 100% until you see the entire dress in the next photo.

She reminds me of other actress' with her looks, sort of a mixture. And see? That dress looks fabulous on her! Told you! She has the legs and obviously the butt to help accessorize!  

Once again, she has the "accessories" to pull off this look also.  Even the black  shoes work well with this ensemble.

Dressed in black as every actress in Hollywood does for certain public events.

Yes! One more in that dress.

The eyes and lips of a future TV star.

I feel it's a stretch comparing Kat to adorable Zooey Deschanel but here goes.

Another quick note before I end this. I absolutely loved the fact that the show written by Whitney Cummings and Michael Patrick King knows some waitress lingo. "Marrying the ketchup". That is how you mix half empty bottles into other half empty bottles and fill them up. From someone who was a waitress for a year I liked that they threw that in the pilot episode. It keeps the show genuine if you include some knowledge of what waitresses do. :)