Zooey and Emily Deschanel: The New Girl and Bones

Such a beautiful photo! This could pass for a family portrait. I love that Zooey did not even smile in this one and still looks dreamlike. 

Celebrity Nude or Revealing Photo poll results

Do you think less of celebrities who have taken revealing or nude photos and then have been hacked?

  1 (11%)
  5 (55%)
Depends on the situation
  3 (33%)

Votes so far: 9
Poll closed 

   I voted no, but I was torn between No and Depends on the situation.

Girl Crush of the Week: Kat Dennings

The new television season has begun and I have found the newest star of the bunch. It only took the pilot episode of "2 Broke Girls" to hook me. Kat Dennings was funny, alternately sarcastic and witty and her voice is one I look forward to listening to for half hour a week from here on. 

Do not allow appearances to fool you. Here with her top heavy self busting out a little (a "little" she says!) she may not look 100% until you see the entire dress in the next photo.

She reminds me of other actress' with her looks, sort of a mixture. And see? That dress looks fabulous on her! Told you! She has the legs and obviously the butt to help accessorize!  

Once again, she has the "accessories" to pull off this look also.  Even the black  shoes work well with this ensemble.

Dressed in black as every actress in Hollywood does for certain public events.

Yes! One more in that dress.

The eyes and lips of a future TV star.

I feel it's a stretch comparing Kat to adorable Zooey Deschanel but here goes.

Another quick note before I end this. I absolutely loved the fact that the show written by Whitney Cummings and Michael Patrick King knows some waitress lingo. "Marrying the ketchup". That is how you mix half empty bottles into other half empty bottles and fill them up. From someone who was a waitress for a year I liked that they threw that in the pilot episode. It keeps the show genuine if you include some knowledge of what waitresses do. :)


Zooey Deschanel is The New Girl and The Fab Girl

   Zooey Deschanel is really likeable. It's not as if i have met her in person (I could only wish) but she seems very girl next door. A good friend to many with a fabulous sense of style. She seems to be funny and can even be a bit raunchy and that coming from her is more of a surprise. I mean, she looks so sweet, so winsome, even dorky but from her slightly husky voice that doesn't match with her look is someone who I dare say should become a star. Her sister Emily is already a star for her show "Bones" which has run for over six years.
   "The New Girl" should make her a household name. And that would make me happy.
   Here is the first episode of the show

   And here is her blog that contains all types o good articles

Girl Crush of the Week Sept. 10-16

Scarlett Johannson
  4 (30%)
Mila Kunis
  5 (38%)
Katy Perry
  4 (30%)
Zooey Deschanel
  8 (61%)

Votes so far: 13
Poll clos

Megan Fox says She is Too Thin

I think she is beautiful but her modelling has been better than her movies lately.

She claims she is too thin but I would  love to look like this. Better to think she is too thin than too  fat.

She is super toned! And not in that muscular Cameron Diaz version year 2011 way.

In the first pic, she is on the thin side. The second pic looks like her without the gym membership and no personal trainer. 

She has been through some cosmetic changes. Not just the removing of the Marilyn Monroe tattoo but look at her face. Much different, especially the eyes.

Too thin? Hardly!

I can Watch Adele Sit Down and Sing All Day

Best Body Poll Results

Scarlett Johansson is the winner by one vote. She does have a confident way of carrying herself and a good sense of style.

3 (30%)

Jennifer Aniston is the oldest one in this poll and she is still looking quite fab.

1 (10%)

Megan Fox used to be on everyone's lists. Beautiful but in a too-model type way.  

0 (0%)
Jennifer Lopez is People magazine's most beautiful person but although I feel they exaggerated, I can still say she does wear a dress well. Hell, any dress!

1 (10%)

Eva Mendes would get more votes if she was more popular.

1 (10%)

Bar Rafaeli is knockout beautiful. But I just added her for variety.

1 (10%)

Rosie Huntington-Whitely is also lovely. May not be able to act worth crap, but lovely.

0 (0%)
Kim Kardashian is who she is. I think her ass takes attention away from the entire package. She may wear too much makeup but she has a great posterior.

2 (20%)

Katy Perry my girl crush can do no wrong. Unless she has one of her bad days singing live. She knows what her most attractive features are and displays "the girls" well.

2 (20%)

Mila Kunis is lovely in a girl next door and a must meet type person. She is lovely and seems an honestly good person.

2 (20%)

Anna Paquin is another one on this list that is very confident. The gap in her teeth differentiate her from most Hollywood blondes (real or dyed) and has great legs.

1 (10%)

Connie Britton is SUCH a Good Actress

She is so ladylike and can wear a dress better than almost anyone.

   Connie Britton is a very good actress that I loved watching in "Friday Night Lights" and now is part of the cast to an upcoming new show on the FX channel called "American Horror Story". I'm not a big television series horror fan but will give this one a shot mainly for her and the still handsome Dylan McDermott.