A Woman can know about Sports, you know.

   I hear this several times a year.

   "You know who he is?"
   "You know sports?"
   " LeBron James, he's this basketball player that...what? You've seen him play?"

    All of these asked in surprising fashion. As if because I'm female, I wouldn't know the difference between a basketball and a baseball. But I do know!
    In fact, I know the difference between boxing and mixed martial arts. In fact, I know most of the terms that are spouted off during those matches. I may walk out of the room when the match becomes a bit too bloody for my liking but I watch and have knowledge.
    I know who LeBron James is just like most people but also know who is the sixth man on some lesser teams. I may not know hockey but have been entertained watching it in person. I know not only who Manny Pacquaio is but also also some other fighters on the undercards.

    This does sound like I am bragging and maybe I am. I grew up in a home where my dad watched sports and was proud of teaching me the obscure rules on the sports that he watched. My current boyfriend will watch and I can sit down beside him and enjoy whatever it is he is watching. Unless it is golf. That sport is a drag.

    This is just me getting off my chest that many of us do know sports. Do we spend our off time discussing them? No, not really. But the knowledge is there.