Going overboard with the Casey Anthony case

   I think these news channels (CNN, Fox) are overdoing all this coverage. I understand that her name in the news during the trial meant ratings. But it's done. It is NOT news when all they are doing is discussing WHERE Casey Anthony is residing. That doesn't matter. I feel they want to make news themselves. And if she is placed in danger by some lunatic (justified or not in his/her head) that will just be another news cycle. Especially Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell. Stop it. Stop it right now. It doesn't matter where she is living. If I'm the judge I have any news organization that decides to publish her whereabouts and give them fair warning that they will be held in contempt.
   Sigh. Don't mind me. I'm just pissy because I have to keep hearing about this instead of the countless other cases that can still be covered.