Girl Crush of the Week: Sarah Shahi

Sarah Shahi is one of the most under appreciated actresses of the last few years. Can handle drama, action and romance. It's possible that at times in Hollywood being TOO pretty can hinder some opportunities. Don't get it twisted, it still opens plenty of doors but can typecast some actresses.

Sarah with Zooey Deschanel = Too much adorableness for one picture! :)

Elle Fanning is a Fashionista with Style

I do not know who helps her choose her clothes that well. She travels with her grandma while her sister Dakota travels with her mom. Perhaps Grandma does a better job?

Elle was asked if she had a ‘girl crush’ and Elle responded of the former MTV host and model. “(I have) a huge one on Alexa Chung - her fashion, everything”

Adele without photoshop!

Other magazines and publication should learn from this. You DO NOT have to photoshop celebrities or models to look thinner than they are! This is how it is done. Enough said.

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis Best Kiss

      Watching how Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart won their third consecutive MTV Movie Awards 'Best Kiss', I was struck by how they can win for ten years based solely on popularity. Yes, they look amazing together, but it's not too much acting in it by any stretch. They have been dating for a long time now. So I personally go with the one kiss that deserved it more. Both Portman and Kunis had to act out an aggressive scene in the movie "Black Swan".


   Or if you prefer the full scene, here goes below.

   Black Swan makeout scene

Brooklyn Decker's Girl Crush on Kristen Wiig

Brooklyn Decker has a girl crush on one of the funniest and hottest stars of the year. She feels that Kristin Wiig has a "sneaky hot body." Decker says that she got "hairstyle tips" by watching the actress in the Bridesmaids" film. Decker mentioned an early scene in the movie that Wiig plays with Jon Hamm. "She has her little boobies out and her blond hair," Decker said. "She was hot!"